Bengal Tiger vs African lion fight comparison- Who will win?

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Fact about Bengal tiger
The tiger is one of the main members of the felid cat family, they activity extensive, deep reddish coats with pale bellies and white and black extension Their bodies, tails, heads and limbs have slight black, gray or brown stripes. There were just the once nine species of tigers: Siberian, Indochinese, Bengal, South Chinese, Malayan, Sumatran, Javan, Caspian and Bali. Of these, the last three are extinct, one is extinct in the wild, and the rest are endangered.

Tigers occupy a range of surroundings from tropical woodland, evergreen forests, forest and mangrove swamp to woodland, rocky country and savannah. They are mainly night-time additional energetic at night-time and are surprise attack predators that rely on the cover-up their stripes offer. Tigers utilize their body heaviness to beat prey to the ground and kill with a bite to the neckline they are as well very excellent swimmers and have been recognized to kill prey while swimming.

Tigers fundamentally live lonely lives, apart from during mating period and when females tolerate young. They are typically severely defensive and contain and mark their big home variety. Tigers are the mainly wide-ranging cat in the world and have a lot of exclusive facilities and attractive desire. 

They are a wonderful creature which is unhappily scarce due to being lack of care, but expectantly, if we are trained a small concerning them, we can turn into more attentive of this very good animal, and aid them to raise in facts once more.

Facts about lion

Living in the woodlands, clean, and open forest of sub-Saharan Africa, the lion is the next biggest cat in the earth. It is dwarfed somewhat by the tiger, which is directly interrelated and has an extremely comparable body type.

Dissimilar other cats, lions are extremely social flora and fauna. They live in a grouping called pride, of about thirty lions. Pride contains up to three males, a dozen interconnected females, and their youthful. The range of the pride is single-minded by the accessibility of foodstuff and water. 

If assets are scarce, the pride turns into lesser. Lions contain a fast-working digestive organization, which agree to them to overeat themselves and then set off for seconds soon after. If accessible, they will drink water all day. However, they can set off 4-5 days with no drinking by attaining wetness from the stomach filling of their prey.

Lions and tigers are so very much linked that if you lacking hair then you wouldn't be capable to say to them separately. Their body formation is so alike the only expert can tell them separately, according to the Smithsonian. Lions are as well linked to leopards and jaguars.

Who can win the battle?

There is a fight between Bengal tiger vs African lion. Lion is more dangerous when compared to tiger. King lion is having the talent to kill the tiger. When it found any danger, a tiger would escape from a lion. Lion is more than 1,000 lbs would simply win during head to head fight with a tiger.

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Jungle Safari in Corbett National Park

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Corbett National Park is the most elegant part of India established in 1936 as Hailey National Park. This park attracts tourist in large number from all across the world to witness the hidden treasure of wild life.
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World's Best Food Festivals 2016

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Crazy food lovers deserve crazy food festivals. Even the most hardcore traveller may not have checked out all the amazing and delicious food festivals happening throughout the World.
World’s Best Food Festivals 2016 lists some of all best ever Food Festivals across the globe for ant hungry traveller looking for something crazy.
These international festivals go beyond the run of mill food events. Check out these incredible and crazy food festivals worth travelling to.

Pizzafest, Italy
Pizzafest is the World’s largest celebration of World’s favorite snack – Pizza – in its birthplace, Naples. It is a four day fest where pizza makers show off their dough throwing skills. You can enjoy live music and performances and of course many different varieties of freshly baked pizza.

Mid-Autumn Festival, China
Mid-autumn festival is also known as Mooncake festival. This is a harvest festival celebrated by ethnic Chinese and Vietnamese people. It is held on the 15th day of eighth month in Chinese Han calendar. Chinese and Vietnamese families gather together to celebrate the year’s harvest, making offerings to goddess of the Moon, Chang’e. Sweet mooncakes made from the lotus paste with an egg yolk center are eaten at the festival and children carry lanterns to commemorate the event.

Pahiyas Festival, Phillipines
Celebrated on 15th may, Pahiyas festival is one of the biggest and most colorful harvest festivals of the country. During the festival, the Philippine town of Lucban is awashed in colors people celebrate Pahiyas to give thanks to the patron saint of farmers, Saint Isidro de Labrador, for a bountiful harvest. People engage in friendly competition to out-decorate their neighbors, covering every square inch of their home's facade in colorful produce. Common decorations during the festival include many fruits and vegetables strung together into garlands, and many other colorful things.

Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, Australia
The festival showcases the best food and wine that Victoria has to offer. The celebration lasts for 10 days where thousands of food and wine lovers descend here to indulge themselves in more than 200 events. The longest lunch is the signature event of the festival.

La Tomatina, Spain
The festival is purely for entertainment, where people throw tomatoes at each other and involve in tomato fights. The festival is held on last Wednesday of August. Every year, thousands and thousands of people from across the World take part in “World’s Biggest Food Fight”. The town is literally painted red as over one hundred metric tons of over-ripe tomatoes are flung.

Salon du Chocolat festival, France
Salon du Chocolat is all about everything chocolate. Chocolatiers, pastry makers, confectioners and cocoa-producing countries, along with the greatest chefs, pastry chefs, designers and experts who treat with best chocolate recipes, workshops, conferences and many other activities; from France and across the globe participate in the festival. The festival even features clothes made out of chocolate.

Maslenitsa Pancake Festival, Russia
Maslenitsa Pancake Festival makes probably the most delicious way to celebrate the end of the winter and beginning of spring. Thin golden pancakes or crepes are deliciously made to symbolize the sun in shape and color and are eaten with an assortment of jams, butter, and fruits. Sushki, sweet rounds of bread, are also on the menu and are strung together to form a yummy edible necklace.

Savour, Singapore
Savour is a four day festival which bursts with sensual flavors from around the World. The festival celebrates gourmet flavors and features over 50 signature dishes from World-class restaurants.

If you haven’t visited any of these festivals yet, it’s time to plan a trip and enjoy the delicacies of these food festivals.
If you think any other Food Festival should be added to “World’s Best Food Festivals 2016”, mention it in the comment section.
You might like to visit Food Delivery Application Development.
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Travel Portals with Best Holiday Packages

Posted by Shivani Chhabra
Tourism in India has made a remarkable growth in the past decade enabling tourists to explore the much admired places of India.
India offers a vast cultural experience to any tourist flocking from any part of the World making them create lifelong memories.
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ITM University MBA Application form 2016

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Check here for the detials about the ITM University MBA Admissions 2016, ITMU Gurgaon MBA Application Form 2016, eligibility criteria, admission process, online application form, process to fill the application form for ITM University MBA Admissions 2016. Interested and eligible candidates can apply and refer to the article for further information.

ITM University MBA Admissions 2016:

ITM University takes admissions on the basis of the scores obtained in CAT/MAT/CMAT. The candidates further selected will be called for group discussion and personal interview which will lead to the ultimate selection of the candidate. Candidates are adviced to read out the eligibility criteria before filling up the application form. Thus the interested candidates can apply for ITM University MBA Admissions 2016.
The total number of seats available for admission to MBA is 45.

Eligibility Criteria for ITM University MBA Admissions 2016:

  • Eligibility criteria is the minimum criteria one must fulfill in order to apply for the certain course. Candidates must go through the eligibility criteria before applying.
  • Candidate must have passed bachelor's degree with a minimum 50% marks from any university approved by UGC.
  • Rounding of marks is not permitted.
  • A candidate from a university not recognised by AICTE/UGC/AIU/MHRD shall not be eligible for admission.

IMET 2016-

  • ITM university conducts IMET(ITMU Gurgaon Management Entrance Test). The test is conducted in case any seats to MBA are left vacant.
  •  The candidates who have not appeared for CAT/MAT/CMAT and want to take admission to ITMU Gurgaon can appear for the test for the purpose of admission.
  • A seperate notification will be made for IMET 2016. The university is not necessarily bound to conduct a test.
  • Appearing in IMET does not guarantee admission to MBA.

How to apply for ITM University MBA Admissions 2016:

There are three ways by which students can apply:


  • Students can fill the application form online and also pay the processing fee of Rs 1000/-.
  • Candidate should upload scanned copies of the documents.
  • Candidate will receive a confirmation for their online application and this confirmation will also constitute an acknowledgement of having received the processing fees.


  • By hand: candidate can purchase the application form from School of Management, ITM University Gurgaon on payment of Rs 1000/-.
  • By post: Candidate can fill up the application form and address it to "chairman- Admission Comittee, 'School of Management' along with the demand draft of Rs 1000/-.
  • Candidate is requested to to write his/her name, address and mobile number on the reverse of the bank draft.

Documents to be Enclosed with the application form:

  • Self attested copies of the following certificates are required.
  • Class X mark sheets( as date of birth proof).
  • Graduation marksheets or last set of result declared.
  • CAT/MAT/CMAT score card.
  • Haryana resident certificate for applying for fee concession.

Important Dates for ITM University MBA Admissions 2016 :

  • Uploading of Admission policy: January,2016
  • Online applications: January,2016
  • Application form available at ITMU Gurgaon : January,2016
  • Last date of application submission: March,2016
  • List of candidates for GD/PI: March,2016
  • Display of Merit List : April,2016
  • Last date of withdrawal of admission : June,2016
  • Last date of submission of Marksheets: July,2016
Link to apply :

So in the following article we have detailed about ITM University MBA Admissions 2016, ITMU Gurgaon MBA Application Form 2016, eligibility criteria, admission process, online application form, process to fill the application form for ITM University MBA Admissions 2016. In case of any queries you can comment below we will try to reach up to you as soon as possible.
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GATE IIT Kanpur M.Tech admission 2016

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Gate IIT Kanpur M.Tech 2016 admission procedure, eligibility criteria and online application form details are given below. GATE is an examination that is conducted by all IITs and IIScs to select out the best candidates to pursue master degree from all those institutions.
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Latest Jobs in karnal 2015- 1.8 lakh package job

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Here are latest jobs for karnal people. In 2015, we have so many jobs for karnal youth.. Any school pass out boy or any girl or boy who are looking for employment opportunity come to right place. We have both part time and full time job for youth.
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