Travel Portals with Best Holiday Packages

Posted by Shivani Chhabra
Tourism in India has made a remarkable growth in the past decade enabling tourists to explore the much admired places of India.
India offers a vast cultural experience to any tourist flocking from any part of the World making them create lifelong memories.

Wherever and whenever you want to visit anywhere in India, it is better to book holiday package rather than booking all the things individually.

But the problem arises when you start looking for holiday packages online. There are lots and lots of Travel Portals offering various Holiday Packages and no two Travel Portals offer identical holiday packages. Also, there is no denial that all seem quite luring.

Though Holiday Packages on all these portals are not comparable, but still I have managed to list the ones that are best of all.

Makemytrip is one of the most trusted Travel Portals in India featuring amazing deals and exclusive discounts. Name it and you will find it on makemytrip. You can even customize your Holiday Packages as per your plan.

You will surely not regret considering Makemytrip as your trip planner.

Yatra is another famous and trusted name among travel portals in India.

Yatra has its own feature section of super saver holiday packages, packages according to interest of  people, and definitely according to destination.

It also lets you include things to do on the trip in the package right from the portal, which I guess no other portal provides.
This is a name which is not frequently heard of but offers some very interesting Holiday packages.

It features holiday packages according to interest of trip and also according to the destinations. Also, it features IRCTC holiday packages which are quite appealing.
In all, this is a good website if you want to get hands on some great holiday packages.

The best part here, at Expedia is that is tracks your location and shows Holiday Packages for top destinations booked by people in your location.

Then, it shows packages as per both, interest and destination.

The advantage that Expedia has over other Travel Portals is its world wide reputation.

Tourmy India
Tourmy India features Holiday Packages only according to destinations and not interests. If you are looking for packages for particular interest, you will have to make extra efforts to look for an ideal place that matches your interest.

However, it gives a very descriptive itinerary of the plan, making it easier for you to understand the  package.

Travel guru
Travel guru is more or less like Via, i.e. Travel guru offers packages both according to destinations and interests so users don't have to fumble around to book a package.

However, I liked the way things are presented. Also, it shows certain featured deals for some top locations which are worth considering.

Everything is clear in an instant. Infact, you can build your own package too.

All the Travel portals are trying to beat each other by providing the best packages, discounts, and deals. Also, Travel Portal Development providers are working hard to match the expectations of these Travel portals and ofcourse, travellers.